Join Washington's EV Charging Program, driving greener futures with $60M in awards for EV charger installations, promoting cleaner air and equity

Welcome to the Washington EV Charging Program, where we're driving change for a cleaner, greener future. The Washington State Department of Commerce’s mission is simple: to reduce emissions, improve air quality and promote equitable access to electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The program offers $64 million in awards for organizations installing EV chargers at certain sites, with a focus on multifamily housing, publicly available charging and tribal locations. Other site types are also eligible for awards including workplaces and fleet depots. A wide variety of costs are eligible to be covered by this program to upgrade local infrastructure and help communities transition to an EV future.

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At the heart of our program is a strong focus on environmental justice. We believe in achieving the highest environmental quality and health outcomes for all, while targeting investments in communities that have been disproportionately impacted by pollution and need assistance installing EV infrastructure. Transparency and accountability are key to our approach, ensuring meaningful community engagement and fair decision-making.

Join us on this exciting journey towards expanded EV charging at public locations, multifamily housing, fleet depots and workplaces throughout Washington. Together, we can make a real difference by reducing emissions, improving air quality and promoting equal access to electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

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To assist Washington with the transition to electric vehicles, this program offers $64 million in awards that will be distributed to communities across the state. The Washington Electric Vehicle Charging Program aims to facilitate the installation of at least 200 direct current fast charging (DCFC) ports and 2,000 Level 2 (L2) charging ports in a variety of communities.

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This program will help install EV chargers in:

  • Urban, suburban, rural and tribal communities
  • Multifamily housing developments
  • Locations that fill gaps in the current EV charging station network
  • Workplaces and fleet depots

Of the $64 million in awards:

  • 45% of funds ($28.8 million) are dedicated for Level 2 chargers at multifamily housing (defined as at least 5 units)
  • 40% of funds ($25.6 million) are dedicated for Level 2 chargers or DCFC units at publicly available sites
  • 15% of funds ($9.6 million) are dedicated for Level 2 chargers at fleet depots or workplaces

Additionally, the program intends to achieve these goals:

At least 10% of funding awarded/ports installed to projects led by/partnered with tribal governments or entities and located on tribal lands.

Average project completion time is 250 days for Level 2 chargers and 550 days for Level 3 chargers.

Support labor and workforce development by promoting the adoption of project labor agreements for the installation labor and encouraging the training/education of electrician apprentices on program-funded EV charging stations

At least 200 DC fast charging ports and 2,000 L2 charging ports installed as a result of funding awarded.